Tips for Microsoft ToDo

How to add icons in front of your list in ToDo

I was seeing a blog post of Thomas Maurer about how you could do planning with Azure DevOps and Microsoft ToDo.

And then I did see that he had icons in front of the lists he made. So I google some and found in a UserVoice from ToDo out how you can do this.

Lists with emojis

How to add icons to your list

Create a new list

Create new Lists

Then by pressing the +. or +; you get the emoji chooser.

Add emoji to Lists

Now you can choose you emoji and exit the emoji chooser by clicking on the X of by pressing on the ESC key.

Add emoji to Lists

Type now your text and hit enter and your done. You will see that the emoji did get the icon of your ToDo list.

Add emoji to Lists

I wish you many creativity with the emoji as icons on your ToDo lists.

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